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To design an interactive art installation for the Commonwealth Bank’s annual Wired For Wonder conference, which reflects the theme; Technology, Life, Business, Arts, Science and Awe. Sponsored by the Commonwealth Bank:,  designed by Kerri Ainsworth: and manufactured by Allplastics Engineering:

THE DESIGN PROCESS – From Concept to Installation

Kerri was inspired by the reflective qualities of French designer, Arnaud Lapierre’s installation for Audi, showcased in 2011 in Place Vendome, Paris and Danish artist Jeppe Hein’s “Mirror Labyrinth.” She wanted to create something interactive and immersive; reflecting the audience and their environment.


Mandi Ford (, whose company was coordinating the event, liaised with both Kerri and CBA, during the installation’s design development. The concept sketches were then transformed into a series of 3D renders by CAD draftsman, Johan Betrom ( and presented to the Wired For Wonder program manager, Sarah Roocroft for approval.

3d VisualsJohan then drafted up a series of CAD drawings for Raffi Kalloghlian, at Allplastics Engineering (, who was then briefed on its fabrication.

CAD Drawing


The installation was made up of 34 separate cubes. Each cube was clad in 3mm mirror acrylic over a timber frame. The cubes formed an S-shaped configuration, 4 layers high. Each cube was pinned to the one above with machined location pins. Because of the complex curves, this had to be done with absolute precision. The cubes in contact with the floor, all had adjustable, rubber footings for stability.

Stacked Cubes


Although visually simple; the installation involved a great deal of precision work, using levels and templates to lock it in place. It took 3 men, 9 hours to install.

Assembly Comp


The installation reflected the buzz of the conference, as the guests and speakers circulated, chatting, networking and mingling. On day two they interacted with the piece; drawing and writing on its surface with fluorescent pens; ideas, catch phrases and significant comments from keynote speakers.


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